Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Projects

Tomorrow the people buying our house will be closing on this house. We hopefully will be closing on our brand new house on Wednesday. As I sit back and look around my house, I realize how much work we have done to this house in the past 2 years. We did a lot ourselves (okay, really my husband did a lot of projects by himself) and I thought I would share some of them with you. These are projects that you could possibly do in your own home and aren't too expensive.

Bookshelf Banister

When we took out the old (very ugly) carpet, we put in Bamboo Hardwood floors. We had planned to have an awesome railing put in, so we threw out the old metal one. Unfortunately, we ran out of money and realized just how expensive a wood railing can be. My husband came up with an awesome idea...a bookshelf that is also a banister! I love things that serve more than one purpose and this definitely does that!

We had bought 3 inexpensive bookcases from IKEA and then my husband bought some wood to put on the top and the back. He nailed and glued the bookcases to the floor and then painted the wood and glued and nailed them to the bookcase. Then he added some molding along the edges so you couldn't tell that the bookcases were actually 3 separate bookshelves. The result is beautiful and really adds that something special to the room.

I have shared quite a few of the projects we have done over the last 2 years, but one that I keep meaning to post and haven't done is my boy's clubhouse under the stairs.

Kid's Play Area Under the Stairs

When we were having lights put in our house, the guy discovered that we had a bunch of wasted space under the stairs. We had no idea since it was covered with walls, but when we cut a hole and looked inside....we were shocked to see just how much space was under the stairs! So my husband decided to make a little play area/clubhouse for our boys. It was actually not too expensive or too difficult to do. We put up sheetrock, mudded, and painted. We had our light guy install a few lights in it and then a family member donated some old (but still good) carpet that they were getting rid of.

It didn't take too long and we had a fun little area for the kids to play in. They love it and it looks so cute! We had put the light switch down low so the kids can easily reach it. So it's their own little hide-away.

Our Stairs

When we moved into this house, it had ugly green linoleum in the entry way and on the stairs. I HATED it! Finally a few months ago, my husband was able to finish our stairs and they are so beautiful that I just had to share!

This was of course another project my husband did on his own. We bought wood treads and white risers. Then we found a paint store that would make us stain to match our hardwood floors. So we stained the treads and painted the risers and put together our beautiful staircase. I LOVE it! It was a little bit pricey, but not too bad.

We have definitely done tons of work to this house and I will miss it, but I'm so excited about our new home and there are definitely some things that I won't miss (like our huge yard that is so hard to keep up with and a split-entry and having the laundry room in the basement). It's been a great house for us, but we are looking forward to the future.


dannyscotland said...

All awesome projects, but I especially LOVE the bookcase banister!! We have tons of books and not enough bookshelf space for sure!

akronugurl said...

it looks good!

-Stephanie J